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The Case of Zappos

When Nick Swinmurn and his co-partner cum investor Tony Hsiesh  founded they were turned away by almost all venture capitalists because no one believed that shoes were a good product to sell online. Afterall, who would buy shoes without … Continue reading

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Resume Blunders For the Job Seekers Soul

Blunders on your resume that may just cost you that dream job……or any job 1. Letting typos slip through Possibly the easiest resume blunder to make, letting typos slip through is almost one of the most dangerous. A recent survey … Continue reading

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Marketing Yourself To Employers During The Recession

What most job-seekers  don’t realize is that applying for jobs is a marketing problem. The best jobs aren’t won by filling your resume with cliches and business buzzwords, using a pretty Microsoft Word template, and jumping through the same tired … Continue reading

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Memory Pick Me Up’s

Everyone experiences times when they just can’t seem to remember what they need to.  From the list of groceries that were supposedly imprinted in your head, or the table of chemical elements to the instructions from the store on how … Continue reading

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5 ways to motivate yourself at work

Be with go-getters To motivate oneself, Priya Kumar, author and motivational speaker, believes you need to surround yourself with achievers. If you have a few top performers in your friends’ list, you can’t help but be motivated. Kumar has a … Continue reading

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Money Mistakes College Grads Make

Graduating from college and entering the “real world” can inflict total chaos on your life: Suddenly, you have to figure out how to feed yourself without the assurance of your money power. Your closest friends, who used to be just … Continue reading

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Tips For Choosing The Right Degree

Choosing the right degree to pursue is a big decision. It’s a lot to process for someone who is headed back to school. The good news is that we’ve put together some helpful tips for choosing the right degree. Tip … Continue reading

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Talent of The Month #1

  We all like to hear inspiring and uplifting stories, especially when we are facing tough economic times.  For that reason, we would like to present to you the “Talent of the Month” feature. Once a month, we will share … Continue reading

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10 Things That Every Office Needs

Your office is your sanctuary for getting things done – and it needs to be comfortable as well as conducive to work. If you are finding it difficult to focus, stay on task or just get a days worth of … Continue reading

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