Talent of the Month : William Wang, The LCD TV Titan

William Wang knows about keeping things in perspective. As one of 96 survivors aboard a Singapore Airlines 747 that took off on the wrong runway in Taiwan, struck a construction site, and broke in two, Wang instantly realized that the difficulties of his various technology businesses weren’t such a big deal. Not when 83 passengers and crew members were killed that day in 2000. Wang shut down all his businesses after the crash, and in 2003 got into the flat-screen TV business by launching Vizio

 http://www.inc.com/uploaded_files/image/how-i-did-it-107-wang1-pop_212.jpg Born : 30 Aug 1966Age : 45

Occupation: Founder and CEO,Vizio Inc and MAG Innovision

Education :Graduate,University of Southern California

Fortune : USD $ 1.8 billion

William was born and raised in Taiwan. He moved to California with his parents when he was 14. It was a difficult adjustment because of language problems, cultural problems he admitted. Despite coming to the U.S. without any knowledge of English, he went on to USC, graduated from the engineering school in 1986, and started work at a Chinese company that sold computer monitors. I was in tech support, answering customers’ calls. After a while, I thought I could build a better computer monitor than the IBM standard. So I started Vizio. I was in my mid 30’s, fearless, young, and foolish.

On the incident that almost took his life he quoted; Instead of runway 5-L, the pilot took off in runway 5-R. The runway was under construction. So we took off and half the plane was in the air, 180 miles per hour, and on its way to lifting off when it hit some of the construction equipment and the plane blew up. It was a 747 ready for a transpacific flight, so it was full of fuel. The plane came back down on the unfinished runway and it kept on going because of the speed at which it was traveling. I was in the front. Fortunately, it went straight forward and just skidded. It was just the front of the plane–the back was gone already. It was like a silent movie. I don’t even remember any noise. I assume people were screaming. When the plane stopped moving, I just got out. I couldn’t breathe anymore because of the fumes. I was running for air, I was running for an exit. Half the passengers died. I wasn’t really injured physically–I did have carbon monoxide poisoning. I guess several things went through my mind when the plane blew up. One thing was my family. The second thing was that all my headaches were suddenly gone. I was still stuck with all these bad businesses, but I had a better attitude. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re all going to die, right? So after the plane crash, it took a year or two to clean everything up.

Regarding VIZIO and his partnership with Costco that has taken the industry by storm, he acknowledged the importance of customer service and customer satisfaction. “That is our focus, our main focus,” he says. Wang explains that great customer service and satisfaction require great teamwork. To be successful, you need to team with your employees, customers, distributors, everybody. “In a sense, they are all our customers. Costco is our customer while Costco’s customers are also our customers, and so on, so our job is to make everyone happy and to make Costco successful. That requires great teamwork.”

Great customer service requires a few specific actions, Wang says. First, you must learn about your customers like what they like and dislike. The customer is always first. “Maybe, more important, you have to listen to your customers. Do not force it. Don’t just listen to your own business philosophies, but hear the philosophies of your customers,” he said.

“You simply must take customer satisfaction seriously. That means not being too greedy. We take profits and pump them back into the televisions, back into the company, to make it even better for our customers.” Given all of the above, it should not be surprising that, for Wang, the key to business success is to “give the customer more than they expect.”

http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/OB-BH185_vizio__20080414170158.jpgAlmost all entrepreneurs mention the importance of customer service. But Wang is one who actually took that idea to its logical conclusion: Customers are not just the end-users of your product or service. Instead, that word encompasses everyone dependent on your success

So consider taking a page out of the William Wang success playbook. Expand your vision of just who constitutes your customer, and you, too, may conquer the world, one big-box store at a time.

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29 Responses to Talent of the Month : William Wang, The LCD TV Titan

  1. Thank you for inspiring me…

  2. Lodivie Barcoma says:

    I have received an email from George Russel who got my profile from this site. He is looking for a nanny and a gardener, may I know his credibility. Is this true?

    • Liza says:

      that is a scam! I was also a victim for this scam but fortunately I search in the internet and found out that this is a totally a scam..

      • I receive also, fr. Mr. Benott Sott and Angel Syler, the offer of 750 pounds / week and weekly shopping allowance for nanny and gardener in London Country, very impossible…. maybe its rocket, I check in POAA the list of Registration, non of the list. this is not true and scam….

    • Irene P. Manalo says:

      yeah! I receive also..fr. Mr. Benott Sott and Mr Syler. I prove ,its rocket for Nanny and Gardener offer , Imagine 750 pounds per wk? w/. weekly shopping allowance.. for London Country.

      • Lina. T says:

        Hi Lodivie, Liza and Irene,
        We suspect that he is not a valid employer. Please take extra caution when receiving offer that is too good to be true, especially when employer later on will ask for some fees.Liza, smart decision!

    • Its very likely a scam. Under no circumstances should any of you bank in any money to strangers. No Matter what the reasons they give. Genuine employers are most likely to deal more professionally and pay for fees. Not the other way around. Do be carefull

  3. Daniel Ong says:

    By changing the input, we change the output…..



  5. @Lodivie Barcoma, Nope. That’s a scam. He will ask you some money for visa processing. A true employer who needs a nanny abroad will sponsor you and shoulder the traveling expenses.

  6. leonila c. campos says:

    Mr. George Russel send me an e- mail just like Lodivie Barcoma. Is it true that it is a SCAM?
    How pitch your talent help the members of this organization?

  7. jose says:

    got a great courage on taking start of my business…..thanks

  8. jefferson says:

    quite inspiring but seems he didn’t learned the lessons of his airplane crash.. life is to short

  9. Mary Cris says:

    This is inpiring. At first I thought it was scam, was it? While reading it, I was expecting that the email will invite me to invest or be one of the team in Vizio. I love such story like this. One day i’ll be part of managing a dynamic business. That’s my dream.

  10. Sandy Gutierrez says:

    its really wonderful to heard this kind of stories that truly inspires. Aside from prosperity you really helping a lot of people to have a decent job that will feed their familys in return God will give you more good graces. I salute you for not giving up despites of hindrance in life. A one of kind unique story that has to be spread out. Good job…

  11. Myra says:

    nice story I was amazed and it’s inspire me, God’s will on him, he was blessed for being alive during the incident. God Bless him always…

  12. devidas says:

    It is ver inspirint for all those who want extra ordinary in life
    all the best

  13. boyet lipit says:

    Good evening,
    thanks for inspiration that you’ve shared !!!! God bless you more and more!!

  14. Annabelle says:

    Thank you for inspiring me. You’re a living proof that anything is possible to achieve your goal

  15. Norwien says:

    Your story was very inspiring. It teach me that in life we have to be strong always even there are storms that are coming because God gave us this…. because he knows that we can stand always….

  16. Marc says:

    A truly inspiring story.

  17. NASH says:

    Ms. Lina thank you for this. I hope you will keep on sending me this kind of message. It inspires me a lot. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  18. Teddy Sutrisna says:

    Thank you I am inspired by you.//

  19. Hena Calingo says:

    A very inspiring story..goal and mind setting with value for everyone that he has in life, family, company and customers

  20. Shourav says:

    Good to see your post. but, don’t understand your free policy. U said i got a LCD TV.. but, how come we got this?????

  21. pol campos says:



    Sir pleasant day!
    Sir my talent is singing and i’m an education graduate.

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