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How to Effectively Lead a Sales Team

How is leading a sales team different from managing other teams within a company? The primary difference is that sales team are critically judged by their results, and often on a short timeline. Monthly quota reports or other metrics will … Continue reading

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The Wiffle Ball’s Sunday Evening Tale

The complete tour of Wiffle Ball Inc.’s one and only factory takes about 20 minutes. And that is with all the technical details left in.The top floor of the two-story cinderblock building off Connecticut’s Route 8 is devoted to packing … Continue reading

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When Technology Takes a Back Seat

Mumbai is a very densely populated city of millions with huge flows of traffic. Because of this, lengthy commutes to workplaces are common, with many workers traveling by train.Instead of going home for lunch or paying for a meal in a café, many office workers have … Continue reading

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10 Things That Every Office Needs

Your office is your sanctuary for getting things done – and it needs to be comfortable as well as conducive to work. If you are finding it difficult to focus, stay on task or just get a days worth of … Continue reading

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